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1. Operations Snapshot

The dashboard below connects data from Yelp and a restaurant’s POS systems to give you top-level view into what is going on right now. Here you can look at occupancy rates, food type breakdowns, filter by server and check out your most recent Yelp reviews.

2. Yelp Deep Dive

Here you can take a deep dive into your Yelp data as well as data for similar businesses in your area. Start by selecting your business (xIAB Organic Counter) from the green bar graph on the bottom left and reviewing all of your available Yelp data. Then layer in a few other businesses to see how you compare against the competition.

3. Sales Scorecard

This dashboard gives you high-level view into your business’ sales. Check out which days are the busiest for your business week over week, look into historic sales trends, and even dig deeper into which items are the best sellers. You can also use historic Yelp ratings to see how your overall star rating may be affecting sales.

4. Costs, Revenues, and Profits

The following dashboard give you a deeper view into your finances. Start by selecting a measure on the left hand side – you can choose to see cost, profit margin, or quantities sold for all food categories. Then filter for certain food categories to see what your most profitable, popular or costly dishes are.

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